Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Haseo's guns- .hack

This project was initially started in 2008 as a personal project, but commissions put this on the back burner. It was revived when Cathy of needed them for her accompanying Haseo costume commission.

I initially was going to make two whole guns, but I had since discovered the joys of molding & casting.

The "clip" was cut out first , the edges were bevelled using a Dremel.

The top one has the edges detailed with a file. The bottom still needs it.

After the bevelling, I glued in the wedges. They were numbered to make sure they were in the right order.

The little bit on the top and the barrel were also made from poplar.

I carved most ot the curved grooves with the dremel and a round bit.

Since it's made of mdf, sanding it leaves it frizzy, and paint wil absorb ito it. I slicked the piece with crazy glue, then sanded the parts. If I saw raw MDF, I slicked a lil' more glue on there. Its good to wear a mask , because the chemical reaction can get pretty hot when the glue soaks in, and can emit strong fumes!

Here's the finished segment, with a couple coats of primer on it

There were a few spaces inbetween the parts, which would mean a lot more post work after casting.

After taping the seams, I caked some bondo in the edges and squished them togather. After giving it time to set, I pulled them apart. The tape let the parts seperate more easily

Those were sanded even.. success!

For some silly reason, I made two grips, here's the rough cut before ditching one and focussing on the other (was going to cast it anyways)

A combination of hand files and a dremel was used to shape the grip,

And added some bondo to the top to widen it out a bit. They were slicked with more crazy glue, and sanded

The guards behind the cylinder was built up with MDF and bondo. Since the cylinder needs to stick out on the sides, I made the cylinder, split it, and added a spacer to widen the barrel. It won't spin of course, but it'll look more like the original design.

Used a bit of plastic to make the barrel tip, it was filled in to make molding easier, and marked so i could drill it out affter casting.

The parts are all assembled, sanded, and ready for..


Fitting check. these were sanded and buffed to a smooth finish.

Oh the joy of two part molds! These were my first ever ones! Used non sulfur clay to build it up, adding keys (the bumps to make sure things align later) and channels to avoid bubbles in any undercuts.

.. then began pouring multiple thin coats of thin silicone.

After enough coats were done, I flipped it over, cleaned out the clay, coated it with mold release, and began working on the other side.

I tried out plastipaste to make a shell for support. The halves were rubber banded together after removing the original sculpt.

Lots of pouring ahead with this project. Need to make 2 sets of these!

Though I had to cut the molds in a couple places because they were being stubborn, but when it came time to pour, they actually turned out pretty well. There was minimal flashing to sand down, and there weren't any alignment problems. It took a couple attempts to get them right though, because there were quite a few spots where bubbeles could get lodged during the pours.

Testing tints and powders!

and casts of gears and smaller bits.

Each gun consists of 13 parts, and two halves of energy blades that are made from acrylic (not shown in this photo, I forgot to take photos of the wips of those).

...and here's where I wound up in a building frenzy, and misplaced the camera...
The blades were made from acrylic, two pieces painted on the inside (so I had to lay the colors down in reverse order) , then sandwiched together.

A groove was cut into the front of the gun, and the blades were slipped in them and held with a bolt.

Here's a couple photos of the finished guns!


OZKai said...

These are absolutely fantastic!The designs look flawless and the gradient paint scheme along select parts makes it look very professional.

BTW, for the "blades", did you hand paint those or make a stencil/template?

AA-Wolf said...

Mad skills. All your work is VERY nice. Keep posting projects!

Jamie Hunt said...

It's Awesome!! (( More then awesome )). I want to cosplay as Haseo for Ai-Con. But i have no plan or ideas to make the guns ;_; Please leave a reply about how or ideas to make this! Thanks :)

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