Thursday, April 15, 2010

TF2 and WoW wips..

Working on a bunch of projects in between commissions and such, and these puppies have been slowly making progress.

TF2- Intel case-

Here's a couple of photos of a TF2 intel case that I'm working on. This is for a commission, so it taking priority XD

Will be adding buttons and faux dials and such. The panel is made of Sintra.

5 minutes with a router became a full day with rasps & a surform, since I don't have a aforemetioned router :p

Turning the intel box into an intel case, by cutting it apart with a tablesaw

WoW- Sister Benedron cosplay

I never played World of Warcraft, but I saw a figure of Sister Benedron at a comic shop, and loved the design.. large axe & book of smackdown, lots' o' armor, and coincidentally, a white hood, which seems to be a common element in all the personal costumes I've made to date.. (pure coincidence!!)

Began work on the costume almost immediately after seeing it, though it got put aside when I saw the first images of Ezio from Assassin's Creed II. When Ezio's done, I hope to return to this project.... someday...

Built the base from cardboard, with a hook to attach it to back armor.

For the plates, I used Sintra sheets, which i engraved, and kickstomped in the driveway to give it the beaten metal like the figure.

Used hot glue to add texture in the carved out holes, and cut the excess off so the plates would fit over it easily.

And some painting to see how they look so far :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Temari's Fan- Naruto

I was commissioned to make Temari's fan from the anime series Naruto.

This was originally going to be a modification of one of those large fans that you can find at asian trinket shops, but I completely didn't trust it to hold up the rigors of cosplaying.

An 11th hour idea that came to me to use slats from a set of window blinds.

Since the ones i got were faux wood (plastic), i added some spokes that were wooden molding for support. I stacked them up and drilled a hole through the set of spokes.

after bolting it, I laid out the curve onto paper.

I mounted fabric to the front of paper, to give it strength

The purple dots were added by ironing on pieces of purple fabric with some heat & bond sheets.

made sure to measure out the spacing carefully, then used a straight edge to fold the fabric.

After tapering the spokes to ensure that the fan can close, I used double sided adhesive tape to secure the spokes to the fan.

aand thats about it! One really big fan!

After taking this photo, I had to let the gal who commissioned know that it would be unwise to open it outside. There was a slight breeze outside, and it was a challenge trying to make sure that the wind didn't take off with it...