Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fall Update smorgasboard (part 1)

The hectic Spring/Summer convention season has passed, so its time to play catch up on all the propwork that had to sit on the sidelines while we were bouncing around from convention to convention.Regardles, theres been a lot of materials flying around down in the shop!

Here's whats been going on over the summer, but hadn't gotten off my butt and posted to the ol' blog (May?? sheesh!)

Thundercats- Lion-O's sword
Tthis has been on the project list for a very lonng time, and I'm getting around to it (finally).

The eye is a huge xmas ornament, that I cut open and poured resin into. This was the first take on the eye. the white is styrene, that was heat formed over it.

The recessed textures are being done by using sandpaper (in this case, 3M sandblaster sandpaper), and gluing styrene to it . Found that its a great way to add a nice even texture. These bits are sintra, sandpaper, and styrene.
Here's the current state of the blade. Next up is the handle, and remaking the claw part of the guards, because i'm not too fond if their shape,

FFVIII- Squall's gunblade

Though the blues are not done, they're at least readable (for me anyways), so I'll start building off them once a couple of these are out of the way! So many nitpicky giblets on that prop, especially since the bullets will be removable and the rest of the bells & whistles!

and some Bonus busters...
My kid neighbors a fan of games (namely the Final Fantasy variety) so thought it would be fun to show him a bit of propmaking by building a basic buster sword with him. I'm making a second one as well. They're being made from insulation foam, tagboard, sintra, foamcore, and a dowel.

part 2 coming in a bit!


4Leaf said...

That's pretty impressive work! I love the work so far! ^^

Buster Cleveland said...

Loving it as usual, Fev!

fightstar said...

Update Smorgashboard give me sight beyond sight. Awesome. I hope to see more.

Chris L said...

Wow ! Can you post a tutorial for the Basic Buster sword?

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