Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kingdom hearts- Axel's Chakrams

Disclaimer!! This was how I went about making these chakrams. It takes forever, and sucks to be honest! If you could find another way that would be better than doing it this way (unless you ENJOY spending a couple hundred hours sanding T_T )


 I was commissioned to make a pair of rather spikey chakrams based on Axel from Kingdom Hearts.

This is the third "take", as the first one was begin carved in wood, and took waaaay took long, and the second (in which i used this mold) I had casted in pure resin, and the chakrams weighed about 13 lb each and were brittle. Boring out the centers was also taking waaaay too long)

I sculpted 1/4 of one side of the Chakram to save on casting the cost of the mold rubber. In retrospect its a complete nightmare, and if I was to do this again, I'd sculpt and make a mold of one full side..

Heres how I went about making the mold a bit, Click for a larger view. 

1- laid out 1/8th of a chakram on matboard, used hot glue and shims to define facets

2- hotglued some insulation foam into place to use as filler so i wouldn't use up all mah bondo

3- slopped bondo on there, and used the shims to help guide tools to make facets even.. this is the result after lots of sanding

4- gold has a habit of making imperfections show, so thought i'd take advantage of it for once.. sprayed it with the gold, and did more cleanup.. figure that fizing it now would prevent having to fix it 16 times over later

5- glued part onto MDF, put lil putty around edges to keep silicone from getting underneath, then used hot glue and tagboard to build a box around it. seal up ALL crack lest it dribble out

6- used smoothon sorta-clear 40 silicone rubber on it after applying mold sealer and rubbing off excess (its waxy). crossed fingers that i did it right and waited 16 hours (attempt to save on rubber by adding a couple chunks of insulation foam failed, they floated to the top)
after it cured, this would have been a better time to add layer of plaster as a support!

7- pulled everything apart and viola! a big rubbery 1.8th of a chakram! woke up fiance by sneaking into bedroom and lobbing it on him

8-after pouring plaster support structure underneath, i thought I'd try adding some silver here. after spraying light coat of mold release, dusted on some silver aluminum powder that i got from pearl art supply. (think flouring a pan here) used can o' comlressed air to spray excess off.

I dusted the inside of the mold with aluminum powder.

I made the "shells" by laying down two layers of fiberglass. Once they cured and i popped them out of the mold, I laid them across a belt sander to remove the excess and flashing.

Filled the cavity with Great stuff foam, and let it set for a day

After cutting off some of the excess with an exacto knife, I again took to the belt sander and flattened it out

Added a flat sheet of fiberglass on top of 1/2 of the chakram segments.

After pairing off segments and gluing them together I assembled them into a full chakram.

Beginning main assembly.

One of the chakrams fully assembled. This needed a lot of sanding work done, as I made a bit of a mess when gluing them together (used fiberglass resin)

Once assembled, i began the long process of puttying up imperfections and sanding them smooth.

A WHOOOOOLE lot of puttying, sanding, and puttying again, and the segments are smooth enough to primer. Decided to primer areas that i finished sanding, to keep track of whats done and whats not...

There were still a bunch of lil' bubbles n' such, so I went back and sprayed the thing down with Kilz, its thick and cakey and fills in holes good. Laid a thin coat of gold so i can see what needs work easier.

a whole lotta sanding again, working down to 400 grit..

Laid down Krylon brilliant silver,

aaand time to paint it,

After wrapping the grip using the foam taken from a rake handle, one completed chakram! (repeat above for the other one T_T)


BlindSquirrel said...

Gorgeous work as usual! Stunning craftsmanship!

H_Krix said...

Brilliant work Fev! I know you're glad to see these finished.

DvD said...

Amazing Job! I have to do tha same chakras but I'll use wood. It's gonna be complicated...but I hope they'll look like yours. They are perfect ;-)

Diih.Chαn said...

Parabéns, está ótimo!! 8D

Kimber said...

I tried to make those once, and since I had a super low budget and lot a lot of craft experience, I bought a bunch of insulation foam boards and started the process of cutting them out and sanding them. It took way too long, fiberglass is HORRID dust, and if you barely nicked them they dented, so I gave up the project. =( Wish I coulda gotten a pair of these, they're amazing!

Halah E. said...

VERY GOOD! :D But what kind of paint did you use to paint the chakrams? Was it fiberglass paint or something?

Anonymous said...

OMG.....*cry* I-it's beautiful....

Molly said...

They are so amazing, Fev! :) All of your hard work has really paid off, they're gorgeous.

Bumblebee said...

*Brofist* Incredible, nice work. X3 Best chakrams I've ever seen made.

Great job!

Sora said...

i made one for my friend .. it was miniature and made completely out of masking tape... i like yours better xD

Lanvi said...

Holy friggin' hell!
You just became my idol for all your extremely great craftsmanship skills.
These props are simply amazing.

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